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Telephone analog switch and telephone number switch?

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SPC telephone exchanges is the preprogrammed computer process control in the automatic telephone exchange, is composed of hardware and software: the hardware including speech path part, control part and input/output part, software part includes program and data.

SPC telephone switches are usually divided into space - based telephone switches (analog) and TSPC telephone switches (Numbers). The former is connected through the intersection point, and the information of the gap in a certain line is transmitted to the other line. The latter is to transmit the time-division multiplexing line of a time-gap voice message to another time-division multiplexing line. Voice signals in SPC exchange according to its form, is divided into analog pulse amplitude modulation signals in SPC telephone exchanges and pulse code modulation signals or delta modulation signal digital SPC telephone exchanges at the proper time.

Telephone analog exchange

Digital telephone exchange

The current program control telephone switches are mainly divided into analog and digital, and the main differences are as follows:

1. Compared to analog SPC telephone switchboard, the digital SPC telephone switchboard is far away from the phone, with fast transmission speed, clear voice quality and less error.

2. The digital program-controlled telephone switchboard is not blocked in the whole line, so the analog switch has a line limit, and the less the switch is, the less it will be. And the analog switch has a line restriction, when the capacity of the switch is less, it also has fewer lines, which can cause the dead machine when the volume is large.

3. The digital switch interface is rich, which can access the relay, carrier, E/M, 2M and other relay in the loop, including the 2B+ D, 30B+D of the digital user, with the combination of network and local machine. For example, the 2M relay access is equal to turning the switch into a virtual network, and these functional analog switches are not available.

4. The digital program control switch is far away, the transmission speed is fast, the call sound quality is clear, the error code is small. Analog switches are several times different.

5, hardware system, the digital SPC exchange are in circuits, have powerful CPU control, material and line adopts high-tech design, stable operation, long service life, stable running more than ten years). And the analog switch USES the air separation circuit, the control part is the single-chip microcomputer chip, the circuit is simple, the material is poor, the life is short.

6, digital SPC exchange features: embedded application software, with parameter setting, real-time billing, real-time monitoring, the electricity play screen and small functions such as call centers, and the application of analog switches only debugging software, unable to meet the office needs of medium and large enterprises.

7. Digital program control switch is a powerful optional feature. In addition to the basic exchange functions, it can also be expanded: network functions, recording and message functions, IVR multi-voice navigation functions, 32 party conference functions, IPPBX functions, etc. Whereas analog switches can't extend these capabilities, there are many limitations.

Fundamentally, the exchange of digital switches and analog switches is different, and digital switches are used in time exchange, and analog switches are an empty swap. That is, a digital switch is a non-blocking exchange, and analog switches have restrictions on the line.

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