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The most complete machine room and cabinet interior line technology

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For weak current friend has always been a headache problem is the computer room wiring and line management, cabinet type distribution frame has become the body of the machine room distribution frame, so line is also an important part of management, how to put the cabinet of the good is a part of many enterprises competitiveness, then today will do a summary for this knowledge.
First, the principle of the cabinet
According to the topology of the network and the existing equipment situation to organize the network line; In principle, the power line and line of the cabinet should be separately arranged. The equipment should be properly placed to avoid squeezing, avoiding too high or too low and avoiding too close to each other. If there are too many devices in the cabinet, the equipment should be numbered. The source of each line should be indicated in the proper location, and different identification methods should be used for different connections (such as general network connection, cross line, special line, etc.); The network is arranged according to the room number rather than the person. In a word, the layout is clear, the line order is neat, the mark is clear, easy to maintain.

Ii. Cabinet arrangement procedure
1. Preliminary preparation
First of all, we should inform the user to arrange the cabinet without affecting the normal operation of the user.
Then, according to the topology of the network, the existing equipment situation, the number of users, user grouping and so on, the wiring diagram and equipment location map of the cabinet are drawn out.
Then get the materials you need: online jumpers, label paper, various types of plastic bandage.

2. Tidy up the cabinet
Installation cabinet:
We need to do the following three things ourselves: first, use the screw and nut of the random box to tighten the mounting bracket; Second, bring the cabinet down and put the wheels on it. Third, adjust and add the baffle on the stationary rack according to the position of the equipment. Organize line:
To group the network line, the number of group is usually less than or equal to the number of line frames behind the cabinet. Bundle the power cords of all the equipment together, insert the plug from the back of the pass, and look for the equipment through a single line frame.
Fixed equipment:
Damper adjustment from the rack to the right position, enables the administrator to not boot cupboard door can see the running situation of all equipment, at the same time, according to the number and size of equipment properly add baffle. Notice that there is a gap between the baffles. All the equipment and routing equipment used in the cabinet will be placed in accordance with the pre-drawn pictures.
Cable label:
All wiring is good, need logo on the cable, the post-it note prepared winding to the cable, and pen to mark on her (usually indicate the room number or for what purposes), requires simple logo. The cross - line can be distinguished by using the different color of the instant paste and the general grid line. If there are too many devices, the equipment should be classified and labeled with the equipment.

3. Introduction to the line process

1. Waterfall modeling line
It's an older piece of cloth, and sometimes it can be seen. It adopted the "huaguo mountain waterfall cave" of the artistic image, from the distribution frame module twisted-pair cable directly to heaving, administrative levels feeling of the distribution order has a very beautiful (24-48 twisted pair) on each floor.

In the present, it is still possible to see some of the backside of the wiring cabinets using the waterfall line process, which is the cable without any binding, directly from the back side of the wiring panel to the ground. The advantage of this is that it saves labor and reduces interline interference (crosstalk).
Waterfall cut line technology is one of the most common reason line method, which USES nylon band will cable tie column, beam on the inside of the cabinet, do not consider beautiful, only guarantee the middle space can be free to use network equipment.
The advantage of this type of modeling is that it can save the line labor and the disadvantages, such as:
1) when installing network equipment, it is easy to destroy the shape, even the phenomenon of not easy installation of network equipment;
2) the weight of each twisted pair becomes a pull, acting on the back side of the module. If there is no binding of the double strand before the junction, this tension may be separated from the double strand for months and years, causing the broken line to fail;
3) one thousand a module in the distribution frame needs to be termination, the maintenance personnel can only into the "water" in the construction, sometimes with dozens of twisted pair, and because the cabinet is generally not the light inside, cause termination is not easy to see, the termination of the error probability.

2. Reverse lines
It's also called a reverse line. The reverse line is finished after the module end of the distribution frame and after the test, the line is carried out. The method is to start from the module to the outer line of the cabinet, and also in the bridge frame. The advantage is the principle line after the test, not caused by a twisted-pair cable test pass it on to line management, while the disadvantage is that because both ends (the service entrance and distribution frame) has been fixed, somewhere in the room will appear a lot of disorderly line (generally in the bottom of the cabinet).

The reverse lineline is usually the artificial line, with the naked eye and both hands to complete the line. Since there are a large number of cables in the cabinet, they cross and intertwine each other on the thread, so this method is time-consuming and inefficient.
The advantage of reverse lineline is that the test has been completed without worrying about the cable length of the back side of the cabinet. And shortcomings because has fixed on both ends of the cable, cable between will produce a lot of cross, to tidy is laborious, and between the two fixed end there must be a twisted pair is messy, this place is often under the floor (next in line) or smallpox (aspirant line).

3. Positive line
The forward lines are also called feedforward lines. The forward line is the line at the end of the distribution line. It starts from the room service entrance (if from rack to rack the twisted pair line, between the began to manage some incase of distribution frame in one line), the cable is presented.the arrangement, until the module after the end of the distribution frame. Carry out and test after the line.

Forward Richard line to achieve the goal: the computer (or computer network area) of the level of the service entrance to wiring rack twisted-pair units, each 16/24 16/24 / mouth distribution frame formed bundles of horizontal twisted pair wiring harness, each line within all the twisted pair of parallel (in short distance between parallel the twisted-pair cable crosstalk will not affect the overall performance, because the bridge in the tube and wire laying with each for most of the twisted pair, this part is scatter, is unparallel), all parallel between the wiring harness; In the cabinet, each strand of twisted pair is laid to the rear of each distribution frame, and the whole process remains in parallel with the double stranded wire in the line. At the back of each module, the corresponding double strand of the module is drawn out from the bottom of the wire harness. After checking, it is fixed to the bracket on the back of the module or through the module hole of the distribution frame.
The advantage of the forward line is that the cable in the machine room is neat at every point, and there is no cable crossing. The disadvantage is that if the cable itself is damaged during threading, the test will result in a rewiring. Therefore, the precondition of the forward line is the quality of the cable and thread.

4. Forward line process
In forward line in the process, need wiring material, and use the principle line board and bedding line table, combined with the principle line process to complete a have beautiful at the same time, reliable, fast and the effect of the reserved. The basic construction process of the forward line is introduced with the most common right approach.
1, distribution frame fixed in place, behind installed bracket, positive will print the line number of panel paper load distribution frame (or on the distribution frame), if the distribution frame module can be unloaded, should remove module;

2, Richard line board positioning: Richard line board before threading should determine its direction, the principle in the process of line board line science does not need a hard line to reverse direction, can cause the E1 hole nearby natural alignment module 1, at this point in line board 2-5 hole keep parallel with the distribution frame 2-5. Usually can use this method to locate: first the reason behind the vertical line board in module 1, make the E1 hole on the module 1 (back side toward the 24th module), and then hand cut line board along the cable routing towards the future, to the movement of the machine room service entrance, ensure the principle line board only appear when parallel movement, turn does not occur, when the principle line board to reach into the line, write down the reason the orientation of the line board (mainly A1 hole position where the range), so that each subsequent manage line board to use;
3, Richard line board thread: in the room next to the service entrance, as defined by the 2 line board to manage the good position adjust the direction of the plate, the horizontal twisted pair according to the line in accordance with the principle of line number table through the principle line board (you have word of a face, from no words one side wear into the plate), the working procedure are usually performed jointly by two people: a person find the line number (as long as they needed to find the reason line board line number) and separated from other cables, one line wear into the corresponding holes in the line board. It should be noted that the double strand should be all through the ricolith, which should be close to the entrance of the line, so that the double stranded wires entering the machine room will be fully arranged.

4. Routing line: the double strand of the linear plate will be tied into a bundle by using the magic stick (or nylon strap) at the outside of the rims first. Then cut line board along the designated route towards his translation, translation right line board after 100 mm lateral roots with Velcro or cable tie to tie it again (against the previous loose tie), at this time should be paid attention to make wire circle, and harness the outside of the line should be cut line board peripheral line in a circle, Richard line board in the middle of the line in the interior of the wiring harness, determine the relative parallel after all twisted pair has been to keep back to the farthest distribution frame module (i.e., 24 modules back); Continue to shift around 200 mm line board, reasonable line board lateral roots with Velcro (or cable tie) binding, pay attention to each line should be kept with previous binding when the location of the same, does not allow some lines from outer to inner, also does not allow the inner line into the outer; Shift in turn until the distribution rack is up;
Line 5, wiring harness is fixed: reasonable process, if meet beside the bridge frame tie wire or binding wire in the rack hole plate, should be at the same time of binding wire will harness tie on the bridge or the cabinet, so as to avoid cable decline;
6, corner line: when encountered in the process of translation to turn, must make the line board close to the corner, near the corner turn down, can't again after binding with corner (due to the short line, the inside of the corner place of the lateral line length, so if the straight line tie and then turn corners of the wiring harness must be deformation). This requires that all the wiring harness must be tied up at the site and not be moved to the scene before being tied up.

Line 7, bracket: when Richard line board reach behind the distribution frame bracket, cable tie on the bracket first, and then step forward, every arrive in a module, the wire tie once, and then gives the corresponding module line number. This process should be equipped with 2 people: one line, one line from behind the distribution frame to the distribution frame to positive (if the modules can be unloaded, the line from the hole in the module to the positive), at the same time two people sing, check the panel Numbers on the line number and the distribution frame are consistent;

8. Retake the exit of the rib-line to the inlet line, and use the next 24 distribution frame, repeat 1-8 in turn, and complete the line work of the next line until all is finished.

Multi-beam line (branch line)
When there are multiple distribution frames in the cabinet, the wiring of each distribution frame should be respectively. But as a result of binding wire plate width within the cabinet co., LTD. (general width is 100 mm), only tie 3 ~ 4 bundle of 24 root wire side by side, and a depth of 800 mm within the cabinet on the right side up to put 2 root line board (horizontal twisted pair from unilateral binding machine cabinets, lest affect beautiful), which may reach 200 root level twisted-pair cable tie. Then you can use the second line way, using 8 x 8 first principle line board out of 48 root wire (6 x 8), to a certain height after add 1 piece of 5 x5 Richard line board after the wiring harness is divided into two beams, continue to cut line to the distribution frame.
The starting point of the forward line can be the cable entrance of the cabinet, the entrance of the bridge, the entrance of the machine room, or even the line starting from the working area panel (not recommended).

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