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Main features:

In today's society, you need a powerful communication tool to grasp business opportunities, and LIDASON can show you no restrictions on communication.
TK - 832 letter lida digital group telephone system is now a centralized network era, designed to support business operation needs, coagulation precipitation technology for many years, a number of innovative technology, high reliability and advanced technology design and convenient usability perfect combination, and thus quality first-class digital communication experience for users, it can in a very considerate price stability, powerful communication service, make you synchronize with cutting-edge technology, completely change your way of communication.
TK-832(8A) system main features
Account roaming
In the non-permanent position of the staff, the use of any extension through the account password, and the resulting costs are directly calculated by the account.
An outside call shows
For different carriers, the line send the electricity system is not the same, PBX used VKT detection technology, the system automatically compatible FSK/DTMF caller id signal, and transfer calls for many times, never leakage number, solve dropout traditional switches, shows that not all problems.
Inside line:
According to the priorities of the various departments need to, can be installed each extension using groups outside threats, corresponding to different department with different outside threats, set a perimeter to some extension of the lines, to ensure that important extension outside to use all the time. It can also be used to set a certain extension to use an outside line, so as to prevent some ordinary extension machines from occupying important outside line and affect communication.
Displacement transfer:
Each extension can set "unconditional transfer" such as unattended power transfer to someone on duty in the future to ensure that no important calls are missed.
Built-in voice system
In the query of physical number, extension number, login system password, operation of all functions, etc., all of the functions are reported by voice mode, Alarm Clock and human prompt, have intelligent dialogue experience.
Busy transfer:
If you can't answer the phone is busy, you can in the future electricity is transferred to other extension number, namely only when its extension is busy electricity transfer to other extension in the future, by others to handle calls, also can avoid losing any business opportunities.
Pieces don't disturb
When meeting, important talk, break time, to avoid irrelevant phone disruption, the extension can set free interruption function. After all the extension or outside calls, the extension will not ring the bell, until the cancellation of the interruption.
Long distance communication
The system comes with a feed power of up to 48V, and the longest distance reaches 5KG communication, avoiding peripheral equipment such as signal amplification, etc., and reducing unnecessary expenses.
Mixer group call
An outside line can be used to ring the bell at any time, depending on the number of different outside lines, the same extension machine can be set to the same extension machine.
Telephone conference in and out
In order to achieve the communication efficiency, avoid information distortion, using the telephone as a tool, use telephone line as a whole to meeting new conference model, compared with the traditional meeting, with meeting quick, don't have the time, regional restriction, low cost, etc.
Electronic attribution
The number of the daily work of employees is related to the task. Through the management software, find out which area the extension number belongs to, and carry out investigation and tracking.
Put outside music source
The built-in music is not suitable. The system provides audio input terminals, and the user can use the music source as input to achieve the desired effect according to his own needs.
The state of the inside line redial
Extension in the dial out state, when the dialed number is busy or hang up when no one is answering, the change number again there is no need to enter the phone number, directly to the telephone press redial.
Storage of large-capacity speech
PBX not connected to the computer PC, the system automatically saves all extension set aside the perimeter, billed when connected with PC, are automatically uploaded to billed in storage management software, in order to avoid missing billed.
Strong insert listening function
The system's maximum use of power is to monitor the phone remotely using an outside line. "if there is a legal responsibility, the listener will be conceited

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