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Detailed introduction:

The enterprise voice communication network not only requires the program control dispatching switch to have flexible scalability and practicability, but also can provide employees with powerful mobile office functions. Because the industry generally executes continuous operation system, the staff often rotate and need to flow through the factory to check the operation. Many middle-level managers are often on business trips, and a great deal of work requires them to deal with it quickly and in a timely manner. This requires that new office communications systems enable them to call the company's voice and data network resources wherever they are.
The system can realize the use of the same set of equipment, and realize the communication between the administrative telephone and the production scheduling telephone, which can exist independently or directly with each other. This approach reduces the cost of maintenance, reduces the need for maintenance, and reduces the possible failure points.
The software system of JSY9000 series program control telephone switchboard is very complicated, and the workload of development is also huge, among which the code of the switch operation software reaches several hundred thousand. In the process of design and development, give full consideration to the market demand of switch function of diversity, complexity, meet online upgrade program, the user to switch the remote management, followed by the exchange of technology development, the software to modify and add convenience. Commonly used software includes running program (lower machine), management software (upper machine), billing software (upper machine) and other control programs

Main features:

1. Full elastic number
The SPC telephone switchboard can achieve the local extension number 2-14 with any number, but there are 9 groups of equal length and the number of elastic Numbers of different words, which really realize the full elastic numbering function.
2. Free of 0 out (virtual network function)
Users can directly call the public Internet phone, realize the common telephone number and internal phone number, the internal call is not billed, or the fixed crown (by default is 0) into the public network.
3. Flexible configuration
Flexible configuration of users, relays, and tone boards to meet the needs of different types of users. User/relay 1:1 configuration can realize the function of virtual network switch.
4. Internal and external differentiating rings
The user can set the phone ringing according to the need to determine whether the main call is inside or outside.
5. Built-in voicemail
The system will query the elastic number, the original number, the extension grade, the system time, etc.
6. Multi-pc real-time management
The system has two serial communication ports, and the serial port 1 can be used for the front desk PC billing management. Serial 2 can be used for background PC traffic monitoring, and also can be used to provide the hotel management software.
7. Standby power interface
Users only need to configure 48V battery, which means there is no power outage.
8. Main call display
The Caller ID display function, which displays the call number (including the outside line and extension number) on the call machine.
9. Multi-level telephone access
This switch can achieve 8 grade limit management for any telephone extension, and can be used to dial local, suburban, special code, domestic long-distance, international long-distance, etc.
10. Uninterrupted function
When you need to be quiet and do not want to answer the phone, you can set free interruptions.
11. Internal limit allocation
Restrict the interphone call between internal extension and extension, which can prevent the telephone use and interference of individual departments. The restricted extension can be transferred via the operator or the specified extension.
12. Word management
The setting of the font is limited to specific local network, special number, local dialect, long speech, paging and mobile phone.
13. Relay inbound mode
External direct extension, switchboard and group call mode or any set of 5 parts.
14. Audio frequency grab and the busy switchboard
Outside calls to the time need not listen to the prompt sound can be used to realize the allocation of audio, if the opportunity of the extension machine.
Ask for a transfer
When the outside call is in, the operator can ask for the extension to be answered, the extension machine does not answer the machine; Answer, switchboard. During the transfer process, the outside line has been listening to music, which is applicable to the unit leader's unconnected phone harassment.
16. Dial outside line
After the extension of an extension of the outside of the line can be transferred to the other extension, the function of the secretary type.
17. Strong interpolation and demolition function
In order to ensure the access of important telephone, the two parties who are on the phone can be strongly inserted or forcibly removed.
18. Group call function
After the group call function is set, the outside phone calls into the corresponding (1-5) machine cycle ringing. One extension machine, other extension cannot listen.
19. Virtual switchboard
The different exterior lines are set up to be answered by different designated extension machines, which assume the switching function of the operator.
20. Call back
When the extension of the line extension machine, if the other side of the extension is busy, dial "3" back to hang the machine. When the other line is idle, the two sides of the two sides are simultaneously ringing to alert the phone.
21. Displacement
When the user is not in his or her own position, he can transfer all the phone calls of the telephone switchboard to another, ensuring that the phone is not lost.
22. Busy times
In order to ensure that the important phone is not lost, when the extension is busy, the other extension is automatically answered.
When other sub-machines are not answered, the incoming function keys can be dialed into the next generation to receive the message.
24. Self-recording speech
Users can record their own voice according to their own requirements, improve the overall image of the company and record the recording time for up to 8 seconds.
25. Daily wear and night service functions
It can be used for the daytime computer voice dial extension, and the night shift personnel transfer the phone.
26. Call protection
In order to avoid interference with important phones, such as the extension of call protection, the operator will not be able to insert and force the phone.
27. Call back the general machine and the wrong number
28. Outside waiting and display
Outside line calls in, encounter the main machine engaged line, SPC telephone switch line will hold the waiting status, and display on the telephone service interface, remind the operator of the switchboard
29. Multiple relay interface networking
The system can provide 2M (N.O 1, N.O 7, PRI signaling), loop, etc. It can be flexible to form a variety of signaling interface, which can be used to network.
30. Connect with IP network
Can be connected with telecom operator IP network to form regional IP telephone network.
31. Multiple innings are out
The innings and indirect innings can be set at 1 to 10, fully satisfying the multiple innings.
32. The allele dialing function
When this digital switch is connected with other special network systems, 2M, loop, etc., can realize the allele dialing.
33. Password roaming function of account number
Set the account and the account roaming scope for the employees, the employees to use the account and set password on roaming within the scope of the extension to make calls, telephone charges can be truthfully recorded to the personal account, to workers bring great convenience, improve the communication efficiency of the unit. The range of roaming can be a system or a fixed extension.
34. The call limit
With the time limit of the relay, the time limit and the internal time limit function, eliminate the telephone chat.
35. Function of the volleyball team (optional)
With suitable soft and hardware, can be used as a volleyball team.
36. User anti-pole function (optional)
The system can provide anti-pole users for the needs of the users, and provide the relay access for lower PABX to ensure the accuracy of the subordinate charging.
37. Alarm clock service
In order to adapt to remind the intelligent and flexible service and develop internal remind timing service function, and was called busy or unmanned machine case, time waiting, repeat the time to remind function, remind of time can be made of extension set, also can be the switchboard to set.
38. Grouping functions
According to the need to divide the relay extension line into different groups, the extension number of the relevant group can be set up to achieve a relatively independent multi-user group using the same equipment.
39. Dedicated relay
In order to ensure the smooth communication of important departments within the company, the extension of important departments can be set up to the special outside line extension, which means that the department has a single relay line.
40. Automatic economic routing
Relay can automatically add hair each operator, the IP access number (e.g., 17908, 17951, etc.), for the enterprise to save long distance telephone charges, extension dial long distance call, just like the original dial, does not need to dial any number, economic routing relay automatic send corresponding IP number.
41. Multiple extension options
Two or more extension machines (up to 16 parts) use the same number for information centres and service centres.
42. Conference call (optional)
For some important sectors of the user units in order to meet the demands of work, adopt the method of the telephone in the meeting, improve the work efficiency, avoid concentration of trouble, the exchange conference call can be set 1 to 2 groups, 32.
I'll transfer the line
Internal or external telephone can also be used as the external phone to make multiple transfers, convenient to find the called personnel.
44. Account billing
Set the account and the account roaming scope for the employees, the employees to use the account and set password on roaming within the scope of the extension to make calls, telephone charges can be truthfully recorded to the personal account, to workers bring great convenience, improve the communication efficiency of the unit. The range of roaming can be a system or a fixed extension.
45. Discount management
The SPC system provides international, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and domestic time discount charging management in accordance with the latest standards of China. Users may modify the discount time and discount day according to the relevant standards and the internal needs of the department.
46. Deposit management
Deposit control of a user. When the bill exceeds the deposit, all of the user's extension and account will not be able to make a call or lower the service level.
47. Telephone enquiry
The total amount of telephone charges for all users, individual users, single extension, and individual accounts can be queried according to the user's requirements and can be printed out or accumulated bills.
48. Called for enquiries
Detailed or vague inquiry of a phone call in any time period can be found for details and cumulative telephone charges.
JSY9000 series features
1. The hardware platform of running software is advanced and reliable
CPU microprocessor is the nerve center of the system, its performance is directly affected by the stability and reliability of the system. The low power consumption of the ARM series is 32-bit microprocessor, and the inter-module communication link is based on DSP. And the system mainly USES the low power large-scale integrated circuit, the working voltage is 3.3V and 1.8 V.
2. Distributed management and control
Full distribution management and control is the most important feature of the system, which is also one of the most important characteristics that distinguish from other types of switches. The CPU board, exchange network board and power system of each module in the system are independent, and the system data of each module CPU is the same as that of other modules. Any single board failure of any module layer will not affect the normal use of other layers.
3. Strong ability of number analysis and number transformation
The system can resolve the call or called number to complete the corresponding operation. The name or called number can be arbitrarily changed, and the length, quantity is unlimited.. This transformation includes addition, subtraction, and insertion of the calling number.
4. True non-blocking exchange
The exchange network USES the PT7D5820 (2048 x 2048) chip. The single layer subsystem has only 672 doors, while the inner layer provides 8 x 128 = 1024 channel exchanges, so that the number of channels can be satisfied even if all the units are used simultaneously. The true non-blocking exchange is realized.
5. Remote opening and maintenance
SPC telephone exchanges with 10 mbase Ethernet interface, as long as give switch IP number, the remote user can login through the INTERNET switch, the switch remote opening, maintenance, online upgrade program, real-time management, monitoring and billing for switch users.
6. Advanced high-speed bus design
Datagram bus, exchange link bus, communication link bus (16M); PCM bus, UART bus adopts 8M. All buses can provide scalability. For the PCM bus, you can also provide a powerful digital cross-linking function (DXC) to achieve physical permanent and semi-permanent connections.
Two types of exchange coexist
Circuit switching and datagram exchange. The communication link bus adopts DSP software to provide the processing platform based on circuit switching and network management information. Datagram exchange link bus also adopts DSP processing, which provides processing platform based on data exchange, which can access various data services flexibly, such as: x.21, x.50, v. 35, v. 24, and 10mbase-t etc. Based on DSP, it can reduce hardware cost and improve system flexibility.
8. Inter-module communication link supports secondary development
Modules are relatively independent, high-speed in HDLC BLVDS bus between modules, each module provide 2 x 64 k data sending physical channels and 16 x 64 k data receiving physical channels, as long as meet the relevant native CCB protocol devices can access the channel, the second development to support various functions. Each module embedded multiple (eight modules + 2) independent LAPD logical link (NR, NS), each module of the logical link according to the module reuse to their physical channels, at the same time detection from the data receive other modules within the physical channel multiplexing LAPD logical link, the network side of the module within the LAPD logical link configuration and terminal side comment strictly defined
9. Efficient and reliable power supply
AC- DC, DC-DC is used for high - power high efficiency switching power module, which has automatic backup circuit and undervoltage overcurrent protection circuit, so that the system is stable and reliable. The power supply of each subsystem is independent, and the power failure of any one layer will not affect the other layers.

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