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 Main features:

In today's society, you need a powerful communication tool to grasp business opportunities, and LIDASON can show you no restrictions on communication.
TK - 832 letter lida digital group telephone system is now a centralized network era, designed to support business operation needs, coagulation precipitation technology for many years, a number of innovative technology, high reliability and advanced technology design and convenient usability perfect combination, and thus quality first-class digital communication experience for users, it can in a very considerate price stability, powerful communication service, make you synchronize with cutting-edge technology, completely change your way of communication.
TK-832 (1A) features

Connect with various service software
The PC system can seamlessly connect the management software of hotels, enterprises, logistics, architecture and sales, and can be upgraded to call center system.
Telephone reservation function
Extension is answering customer calls at the same time, another perimeter inbound is need to find the extension, the extension may be kept through instructions are calling outside, access to the other outside calls, when the call ended, and can retrieve the first phone outside, this feature requires special phone to cooperate;
Abbreviated dialing
Meet often dial the outside number, in order to reduce the dial-up lines, you can keep going to dial the number on the instruction of system, when going to dial the number that can be as long as the input command to dial, improve work efficiency;
The mixed extension port
The system can not only use the ordinary telephone machine but also access the special machine, only need to set the conversion instruction to complete, avoid the special card board trouble;
Automatically receive the fax
When the outside calls to send the fax signal, the system automatically identifies the port to find the fax machine, ensuring the resource information is not lost;
Mixer IP dial-up
Operators need to dial long distance telephone dial IP number, long distance telephone is low cost, the system can store and the number of hair in a perimeter, reduce the dial outside a long time, save the extra charges;
Extension hotline
A direct telephone line that is ready for immediate contact.
Secretary transfer
In the business office, the manager and the secretary special line is less than not, the system can be set up all the call manager phone transfer must be approved by the secretary, and solicit opinions from the manager, decide whether to speak to, in order to prevent the trivial things disturb manager, at the same time, this function does not affect the manager directly using the phone call from outside;
Pieces of radio
Through super broadcast function users can connect the amplification device to the voice output interface, and the voice will transmit the information through audio mode.
Personal computer lock
In the absence of the extension, users can lock their own computers through the password to prevent the unauthorized use of others and generate unrelated expenses.
Call limit
Try to avoid making personal calls or phone calls during the working hours to make a long story short. The system can limit the time of exhalation of any extension.
Multi-level management control
System has the service level restrictions and permissions identification, according to the need for the extension of the different work is different, can be set up 13 call level, effective control of the local calls, domestic long distance, the info call, etc., this function Settings will not affect the extension as called other control, for the user to save redundant communication cost, provides the superior application mode;
Anti-pole, delayed billing mode
PBX within their own antipole detection module, which can be accurate to both sides can talk to each other to billing, to operators need the RPS (the signals), another kind of pattern at the beginning of the users to make calls in excess of the prescribed time billing, adjusted according to different types of traffic time.
Flexible extension coding
All the code extension number can be arbitrarily arranged between 1-9, not restricted by any Numbers, all kinds of section length and the number can coexist in a timely manner, applicable forces, hotel, call center and other places;
One key to call the switchboard
For the important extension number, it can be quickly found in the emergency moment, and the device can be connected to a digital key to solve the emergency situation and meet the needs of various special occasions.
Answer the phone

Ring extension is not in the seat, if there is a telephone call in, can bring the machine instructions, in generation took it on, to give customers a perfect service system, the system also supports with group and random generation after generation, to ensure that in different groups of the phones will not be another group within the extension generation;

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