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 Detailed introduction:

Lida letter brand launch of B series, high reliability and advanced technology design and convenient usability perfect combination, and thus quality for China's small and medium-sized enterprise users experience of digital communication, make it very considerate price to obtain reliable, convenient and powerful communication services.
The introduction of series B further enhances the leading position of lida brand in China's commercial communication market.
The B series is specially designed for Chinese enterprises to provide reliable, convenient and powerful communication for users to help them grasp the opportunity in the fierce competition. Because of the built-in "CSTK" technology, the B series can provide more stable and fluid phone calls than most traditional group phone systems. Designed by accurate and elegant German technology and series B represents the top quality of business communication, with the superior power system, which one of the important users call from noise and noise.
Convenient and convenient communication
B series provides users with more convenient and convenient communication experience. Lida letter brand professional design makes the system installation and use is very convenient, enterprise users can in the shortest possible time to complete the communication solution deployment, so as to put more effort into the core business. Its built-in CLIP call display feature allows users to see the caller's caller id on a normal, callable analog phone.
Rich features are available
The series B series provides many practical and powerful built-in functions, so that the enterprise communication network can be put in place without any unnecessary cost to purchase additional functions. Enterprise users can benefit from a range of functions including automatic operator, integrated billing system, and more than 100 practical communication functions.

Main features:

1. All Chinese call screen display:
When there is a call, the caller id number is displayed on the caller id. At the same time for the first time on the computer display telephone number, name and unit, etc., and can transfer over an extension to the all of the people answer the phone, real-time grasp the customer information, real customer resource sharing
2. Color bell guide interface:
The user can import the telephone voice color of the computer into the telephone switchboard as the guiding voice of the telephone exchange
3. Remote assisted control programming:
Distance and time will not be a problem when you modify the data of a user's telephone switch. The technical personnel can enter the switch system database at a remote location to carry out the remote control programming, let the user have no worries in the use and maintenance!
4. Computer watch and manual shift can automatically switch:
Clock automatic switching: the internal clock can automatically switch to work, lunch break, leave time, holiday and other time of computer on duty or manually set
5. Support 2 3-digit 4 extension Numbers at the same time:
Perfectly elastic code: the user can according to the floor, room number coding, elastic extension digits set: extension number can choose two three to four, and two three to four elastic number mixed use
6. One key to call the switchboard:
In order to meet the needs of special occasions such as hotel, dial 9 to call the main station
7. Have 10 levels of exhalation restrictions:
Different exhalation levels can be set for each extension, so that different working machines can be qualified.
8. Anti-pole, time-lapse rate:
The system has an anti-pole detection module, which can be charged accurately. In the case of telephone switchboard not applying the anti-pole signal line, also can adopt the time-delay billing method.
9. Internal and external call shows:
Compatible standard FSK/DTMF call display signal and support multiple transfer calls
10. Inner perimeter grouping:
An outside line can be set up as a special line for a certain extension, to ensure that the important extension machine always has an outside line. It can also be used to set a certain extension to use an outside line, so as to prevent some ordinary extension machines from occupying important outside line and affect communication.
11. Displacement:
Each extension can set "unconditional transfer", such as the transfer of power to someone on duty in the future, to ensure that important calls are not missed.
12. Chartered dialing:
Limit a branch to dial only certain number of telephone Numbers, effective control of the management of the bill amount, and to prevent unauthorized use.
13. Busy transfer:
The extension can also set up the "encounter busy transfer", that is, only when the extension is busy in the future, the power will be transferred to the other extension machine, and other people will handle the incoming calls, and also avoid missing the important phone.
14. Automatic control of manual/computer watch:
When the system is set to the computer watch mode, the outside line listens to guide the voice to operate. When the system is set to the artificial shift mode, the outside calls into the operator for service. The bell extension can be selected in any extension of the machine.
15. Setting of the bell extension:
The bell extension can be selected in any extension of the machine. Each outside can set up four extension machines simultaneously to ring the bell, also can set all outside the ring of the bell extension machine all sets the same extension machine.
16. Without interruption:
Any extension can be set without disturbing function. After that, all the extension or outside call time will not ring the bell, until cancellation of the interruption. The break time was interrupted by unrelated calls.
17. Answering the phone:
The extension of any ring that does not ring can be connected to other ring. The system also supports the use of the same group and random substituting, ensuring that the phones within different groups are not replaced by the extension of the other group.
18. Personal extension lock:
Users can lock themselves in a password to prevent unauthorized use.
19. Call limit:
The telephone switchboard system can limit the exhalation time of any extension.
20. Strong interception function:
The system has the highest use of power users to monitor the phone monitoring of an outside line
21. Internal and external three-party call meeting:
When an outside door can be connected with any two extension of the internal line, the internal extension can invite any two extension machines for small telephone conference
22. Group calls:
When an outside call can ring a few phones at the same time
23. Enquiries about the attribution of power:
When the extension of the field call, automatic identification of the allocated number belongs to that area
24. Deposit management:
Extension norm cost function, to guarantees the deposit and settlement of hotels, guest houses, etc - the first received the deposit or with limited input program, real-time control by machine billing, extension or account fee will not overspend.
25. Alarm clock:
According to customer demand timing to wake up service
26. Super economic routing, super broadcast function:
A key to choose the cheapest line to play, to save money. Through super broadcast function users can connect the amplification device to the speech output interface, and the voice will be transmitted by broadcast. It is very suitable for the production enterprises to make the broadcast call through any extension.
27. Music is placed outside the telephone switch, and music is changed according to the customer requirements
The storage of extra-large volume can reach up to 3000 pieces
The long-distance communication extension line can reach 1-2 kilometers
30. It can be connected with large hotel management software, which can be upgraded to call center system

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