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 Main functions:
The IP automatically adds
I'm going to put music outside
Request for transfer
Substitute, substitute
Three party call
Have an outside line/extension group
Three-out code
The fax is automatically recognized
Abbreviated dial up
The second call shows
Off shift
Busy transfer
The ring bell is self-reported
The general machine is strongly inserted
The counter pole billing/time-lapse billing
On call limit
You are on duty free of trouble/day and night
No answer back bell
Inside FSK call display
The extension code lock
There is a key call
The extension is elastic coding
Remote programming and maintenance
There is a busy internal call
The extension can dial the font limit
It's a real life
The large capacity speech single memory
Artificial/computer watch
There are more than one voice computer operator
Connect PC charging by serial port
The connection wine tube is exported

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